I am a sociologist, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at ENSAE and a researcher at Crest in the CSS research group in Palaiseau, France. Before this, I earned a PhD in Sociology from ENS Lyon in 2016, and then worked for five years as a digital researcher at telecommunication company Orange in Paris.

I work on cultural consumption, cultural inequalities, and digital culture, using computational social science and mixed methods. I have studied museum visitors, video game players, Twitch and Twitter influencers, digital advertisers, and users of streaming platforms.

My main current research project is Records, a collective endeavour with music streaming platform Deezer to look at digital music consumption using log data, surveys and interviews. In the project, I use detailed consumption data to take a new look at cultural inequalities; I also study the uses of recommendation algorithms and the way users come to adopt new music.

Main recent publications (link to full list):

Thomas Beauvisage, Jean-Samuel Beuscart, Samuel Coavoux & Kevin Mellet (2023). “How online advertising targets consumers. The uses of categories and algorithmic tools by audience planners”. New Media & Society.

Jean-Samuel Beuscart, Samuel Coavoux & Jean-Baptiste Garrocq (2023). “Listening to music videos onYouTube. Digital consumption practices and the environmental impact of streaming”. Journal of Consumer Culture, 23(3), 654-671.

Hovig Ter Minassian, Vincent Berry, Manuel Boutet, Samuel Coavoux, Isabel Colon de Carvajal, David Gerber, Samuel Rufat, Mathieu Triclot et Vinciane Zabban (2021), La fin du game ? Les jeux vidéo au quotidien, Tours, Presses Universitaires François Rabelais.